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  Dear Customer:
According to the operation of market development, Yixing Minfeng former ceramics factory has been renamed the Wuxi Lin Ceramics Co., Ltd., operator of the original scope of the business and remain unchanged. Business-related matters, please contact the Division I.
The Company specializes in all types of ceramic products, welcomed the new and old customers came to discuss the purchase!
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Glazed tiles to select the whole good fortunes brand for use, Passing 1200 degrees Centigrade of high temperature again, suck water conservancy low, it is great to resist the intensity of rolling over, Merits, such as cold and hot urgent sex change, stability, acidproof and alkaline and strong, etc., have gorgeous color and luster even more, Do not peel off full of cracksly , resist and freeze and melt the characteristic of waiting for. Brand glazed tiles No. every monitor" the whole good fortunes" centre measure ultra national standard, Classifies as Trustworthy Quality and exempts by the drawing room of light industry of the province Examine the products, is classified as" house of national well-to-do level" by State Science and Technology Commission, Ministry of Construction. Brand glazed tiles have" the whole good fortunes" abnormal shapes form a complete set Western tile( S type) dull and stereotyped tile( F type) drum tile,etc.ses all available one, The rich and varied one: Glaze color, ornament pavilion pavilion The attic.
And shape tile
Spain tile
Western style flat tile
S flat tile
S tile
Spain Bottom tile
Cover tile
Jointly return to lines piece
Spain Ridge tile
Bottom tile
Two prop fire forks the head
Spain Cover tile
Black green grass tile
Rectify a spine
Warped angle
Two prop spines
Glazed tile
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