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  Dear Customer:
According to the operation of market development, Yixing Minfeng former ceramics factory has been renamed the Wuxi Lin Ceramics Co., Ltd., operator of the original scope of the business and remain unchanged. Business-related matters, please contact the Division I.
The Company specializes in all types of ceramic products, welcomed the new and old customers came to discuss the purchase!

Wuxi Linfeng Ceramic Co., Ltd. specializes in horticultural ceramics manufacturing art. Since establishment in 1996, our company has adhered to the business philosophy of Ħ°Customer-oriented, Quality FirstĦħ and continuously pursued the objective of Ħ°Ceramics Create a Wonderful LifeĦħ, and has been committed to developing into the international first-class high-quality ceramics manufacturer and establishing high-end brand.
It is located in the birthplace of ceramic art with a history of thousands of yearsĦŞDingshu Town, Yixing reputed as Ħ°ancient capital of ceramicsĦħ. Yixing china clay is rich in mineral substance, providing exceptional resource advantage for creating high-quality and perfect ceramic art featuring great originality. Currently our company mainly produces five series and about 100 kinds of indoor and outdoor ceramics products such as horticultural ceramics, home & office, hotel & club, etc. There are 3 modern tunnel kilns and a drying room with an area of more than 1,000 square meters. Our company takes talent, quality and management as the lifeline, passes the domestic and international quality certification, and cultivates a loyal and innovative product development and design and ceramic production technology team with exquisite technology. The glazed pot products have high practical and artistic value in the aspect of glaze color, modeling, furnace transmutation, aesthetics and technology. The glaze layer absorbs and reflects various light waves selectively, so it is bright, smooth, glossy, simple, elegant, attractive and solemn, and is filled with the sense of Buddhist. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, South America, Japan, Australia, etc., winning favor of domestic and foreign consumers.
We firmly believe that Ħ°ceramic is an eternal artĦħ and Ħ°ceramic is our eternal friendĦħ! We feel grateful to ceramics, consumers and customers. We will create more perfect ceramics products for customers, and bring more value to consumers and customers.

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